Our research aims to outline the women representation in Iasi academic space, in the first eight decades of activity at the University Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The analytical approach exploits a computerized database realized by researchers from Dictionaries&Encyclopedias Programme, Department of Interdisciplinary Research of the University Al. I. Cuza University in 2011, available at CD-UAIC/. The platform includes teaching and research staff of the University „Al. I. Cuza”, since 1860, year of establishment, until 1990 and is accomplished using three main sources: UAIC annuals, states of functions and the National Archives of Romania (Iasi subsidiary). The database allows viewing information in according to three criteria: 1. the alphabetical names of the person; 2. the alphabetical names of the faculties and 3. chronological. Our analyze aimed to reflect the proportion that women had in teaching and research staff of the University of Iasi, as well as areas/ faculties which records more opening to hiring women.

Keywords: gender differences, academic representation, „Al. I. Cuza” University of Iasi, teaching and research staff.


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