Nr. 5-6/2020-2




            The article puts forward the hypothesis that Romanian citizens who have not been complying with the social distancing rules imposed by the government are involved in a non-violent political radicalization process. Drawing on James C. Scott’s theories on forms of daily resistance to illegitimate domination, the text equates this non-violent form of political radicalization with hidden transcript. In the case of Romania, hidden transcript refers mainly to partial or half-compliance with social distancing rules. Hidden transcript may be a fruitful theoretical approach to explain why some Romanian citizens wear face masks in a rather improper manner, that is, under their nose, under their chin, around the arm or around the leg. By employing a macro-, meso- and micro-approach, the article has examined the measures taken by the government during the COVID-19 pandemic that in conjunction with previous structural conditions may lead to a non-violent process of political radicalization.

          Keywords: political radicalization, hidden transcript, COVID-19, Romania.