Nr. 1-2/2022-6


For human development and the eradication of poverty, good governance is important as it shapes a well-operating state service that observes the norms of openness, accountability, responsibility, and commitment to citizens. It constitutes an efficient and responsible governance of public resources that eliminates corrupt practices and ensures that public funds are used in respect of the constitutional provisions, for the good of all citizens. Good governance, while keeping leaders accountable, ensures an appreciation of legal, cultural, economic, political, and social rights. Good governance and human progress are also interconnected. While identifying deep rooted conflicts in Pakistan, this study relates the required components of good governance in Pakistan, while outlining its challenges. The study states that bad governance has produced social unrest, and political and economic instability in Pakistan. This paper presents several recommendations for addressing Pakistan's problems related to bad governance, while explaining the principle of good governance.

Keywords: good governance, Pakistan, economics, social unrest, politics.

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