Nr. 1-2/2022-5



It is estimated that around 900 persons are released from prisons in Romania every year (according to statistical data from the National Administration of Penitentiaries, available at One of the first actions taken by a person stepping out of the prison gate is to find a job. It is easy to estimate the challenge of such a task, considering some of the socio-economic traits of the inmate population in Romania. The low education level and lack of qualifications restricts the access to the labor market for ex-offenders. The stigma associated with the criminal record, a document required by public institutions in Romania and some private organizations, adds to these barriers. The following research shows some of the effects the social stigma associated with the status of an ex-offender has on their access to the labor market. We will discuss the results of the correspondence audit tests, and analyze data obtained through in depth interviews with human resources experts. 

Keywords: discrimination, public policies, recidivism, rehabilitation, penitentiary.

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