Rev. 3-4-2021-3


The military is a special institution, where women and men did not always have the opportunity to share the same roles and duties. Throughout history, women served in the military in predominately gender-specific auxiliary roles (for example, medical services, administration, and communications), however, over the past four decades, military professional specializations are available for women also. In this paper, we discuss some details of how femininity, masculinity and gender equality in the military have been debated, managed, and distributed until our days. The purpose of the article is to introduce the approaches of how military units are identifying as social groups − and the peculiarities of the presence of gender issues in that context. It tries to answer questions about the relations of biophysical differences of sexes, gender stereotypes, and social predetermination, in the context of military service and ends with the discussions of the implementation of UNSCR 1325. This paper contains a collection of literature reviews, with some comparative data.

Keywords: Women in the military, gender inequalities, gender stereotypes, literature review. 

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