This document was originally published in Italian, and now it appears for the first time in Romanian translation. The author is Leon Ţopa, a young sociologist from Cernăuţi and a scholar of the Romanian School of Rome, an institution known for its large number of young historians who were formed there in the interwar period. Due to the reputation of this institution, the translators detail its history within the incipit of the document. Due to the historical orientation of the School, Leon Ţopa tries to present a history of the Romanian sociology that until that moment had been achieved only in journalistic sketches. The resulted study has the merit to be the first presentation of the evolution of Romanian sociology meant for the Italian reader, and also reflects the level of information and the Cernăuţi perspective of a collaborator of Professor Traian Brăileanu.

Keywords: Romanian School in Rome, Romanian Sociology, Dimitrie Gusti, Traian Brăileanu, the role of sociology.

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