Nr. 5-6/2019 -8


Carefully observing the universe of emblematical fashionable products (gadgets, jewelry, watches, cars etc.) that we are surrounded by in our daily life and within society, it is obvious that top brands use and maintain design patterns that guarantee the continuity of product recognition amongst consumers. The iPhone, the Coca-Cola bottle, the Fiat 500 model, the Rolex watches are proof that the iconicity, the successful design of some products over time are the result of the merger between marketing and the semiotics domain with the aim of creating unmistakably recognizable objects at the global level, perceived and valued in a similar manner by consumers, regardless of people’s culture and national origin or geographical area. By conducting a detailed study amongst the most prestigious brands of luxury watches, we have noticed that graphic shapes, materials, symbols, suggestions/ideas, true connotations chains at a semiotic level are often used to define product design and to build the brand identity, elements that manage to precisely individualize the positioning of these products on the market.


Keywords: iconicity, object semiotics, brand identity.

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