Nr. 5-6/2019 -5


Nigeria is rated among the most unsecure countries globally, mainly because of its weak, inactive, monotonous and debilitating policing structure. However, with the current logistics and funding intervention in the Nigeria Police, there was a positive effect on abating security challenges in the rural communities of the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. Effective utilization of security intelligence gathering could possibly resolve security threats if Nigerian Police operational and tactical strategies are enhanced. This article upholds that despite the positive effect that security intelligence collection and evaluation have on abating insecurity, security threats still stands tall in the rural communities of the Niger Delta Region and the unwillingness of community stakeholders to give police security details concerning their community is sequel upon their lack of trust, confidence and uninformed nature of how they could intervene. We recommend that stakeholders should be fully encouraged in all ramifications to involve in policing activities such as becoming police informants and assisting the police with security intelligence in the communities of the Niger Delta Region.

Keywords: insecurity, policing, intelligence gathering, community, Nigeria.

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