Nr. 5-6/2019 -2



First of all, the article emphasizes the perspectives concerning development approaches and socio-political dynamics. Cultural and political changes are not linear, societies following different development trajectories. In accordance with socio-political change, there are some indicators that determine economical development, civic and political participation and the process of democratization. There are many measurements of the indicators that reflect the socio-political stability of a society. The quality of election process, generalized trust, trust in institutions, civic and political participations have a great role concerning socio-political stability, developing participative democracy, facilitating cooperation and access to information. The article proposes a discussion concerning the methodological aspects of the indicators mentioned, showing the vulnerabilities regarding their measurement and what should be improved for a good governance of a country.

Keywords: socio-political system, economical development, electoral process, trusts in institutions, civic and political participation.

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