Nr. 3-4/2019-4




The philosopher and the political scientist Eric Voegelin, caught in the most troubled period of the twentieth century, proposes a reevaluation of human sciences, affected by positivism and political disorders. His extensive research brought a tremendous contribution for these sciences, and his criticism opened some new paths for a reappraisal of sociology. Thus, we find in Voegelin’s work a rich fundament for a sociology of order. One that imperatively demands the return to the experiences of human and social reality, for a truly scientific enquiry in search of truth. Recently, the contribution of Ilie Bădescu through noological sociology lifts Romanian sociology at a similar endeavor. We try to establish the main lines for a Voegelinian sociology, using his most important categories, the question of order being his fierce quest amidst the disorders of his century. With the help of E. Voegelin and I. Bădescu we could lay the foundation of a sociology of order, one that views order as a cardinal social and individual dimension.


Keywords: Voegelin, sociology of order, noological sociology, disorder, spiritual dimension.

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