Nr. 3-4/2019-2




The article addresses the problem of migration in the public sphere in Romania, as a sending country, taking into account the campaign “Why do you come over?” initiated by the online press in response to debates on migration in the countries of destination. Considering the dynamics of the media discourse on migration as a public problem, this research uses a semio-discursive analysis framework and elements from the critical discourse analysis to highlight the construction of this campaign as a media dispositive for mobilizing and engaging the public as a co-author of the campaign. Analytically, the authors discuss the concept of discourse and, correspondingly, of counter-discourse and, on this basis, reveal several socio-communicative features of this media dispositive, first of all, its ludic, identitarian and citizenship dimensions. From this point of view, the study demonstrates how the media establish a transnational power relations field regarding the problem of migration through emerging practices of mobilization of the public.


Keywords: migration, discourse, counter-discourse, media and public sphere, public problem, transnational field.

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