Nr. 3-4/2019-1



The present study is dedicated to the socio-historical research of community-egalitarian societal formations and of their perpetuation in different geographical areas for thousands of years. Such a societal formation, relying on the system of the free villages, persisted in the area of Romanian Land, stretching around the Carpathian Mountains, since immemorial time until nowadays. This study is focused, therefore, on the causes of its continuity in Romania in defiance of the fact that, at a certain historical moment, the societal inequalities have supervened themselves to back up the societal state-system. In Romania, the communitarian culture has propagated unchanged for thousands of years next and often under the layers of superimposed nomads with their own systems of dominations, taxing apparatus and military bodies. Research of the continuity of community-egalitarian, non-hierarchical and rankless social formations along with the ascent of hierarchical, inequality-based formations is the main purpose of the present study.


Keywords: communal society, inequality, communitarian culture, dual system, free villages.

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