Nr. 3-4 /2017 -7

After the first decade of the 21st century is over, we still witness the consequences of the economic crisis. What we understand by the daily life’s tumult is related to the tension we endure or enjoy when we have to attend to multiple tasks in the daily life. The “deafening noise” is understood both literally and in a sociological context. The latter allows us to illuminate and understand those multiple variables which produce in ourselves and in the whole society what we call “the daily life’s tumult”. We try to present it as a social phenomenon engendered by a complex of causes, its manifestations defining the actual way of life to which we consider the cultural entertainment (namely, tourism) as a valuable alternative. It has acquired a certain importance in the actual conditions of life. For instance, it is very important for 35.2% and important enough for 50.9% of the Spaniards. Its weight is equal to, or has already become more important than politics and religion in the lives of the Spanish people.

Keywords: daily life’s tumult, stress, anxiety, sparetime, cultural entertainment.

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