Nr. 3-4 /2017 -1

The paper focuses on innovation generated by using virtual reality in one of the most innovative economic sector, the creative industries, aiming to identify the characteristics and the context of innovation by using virtual reality in this complex domain. As new combinations of knowledge and resources, innovation, regardless of its type, creates possibilities of new innovations, and thus set the framework for continuous development; innovation in services, and especially in cultural-creative industries, become a theme of interest during the last years, because its effects extend beyond this sector and affects activity in the whole economy. From strengthening imaginary reality within gaming and entertainment, to simulate reality for educational or social purposes, virtual reality has proved to be an unrivaled innovation strategy. The paper will include an empirical research based on semi-structured interview guide addressed to some entrepreneurs in three different areas of creative industries (architecture, journalism, advertising) from three different European countries, aiming to identify the internal and external factors that determined the use of virtual reality as an innovative technology, the modalities and consequences of its implementation in these three fields of creative industries.

Keywords: virtual reality, creative industries, innovation, services sector.

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