Nr. 1-2/2021-3



In order to understand how algorithmic recruitment works, a sociological point of view is needed, especially when it comes to the problematic of inclusion and exclusion in terms of gender and social categories. With the most common view of technology as being objective and fair in treating job candidates, it is still unknown how often and thorough algorithms are verified in order to prevent bias and unfair representation. The present study aims at finding how algorithmic recruitment is perceived and discussed by hiring managers and software vendors of digital applications via two journals, specialized in the human resources field, one published in Romanian (HR Manager) and one in English (HR Tech Outlook). Through a comparative analysis, I compile and deliver a detailed list of professional representations of risks and benefits in digital recruitment. In contrast with the common view, both literature review and the data from the current research showed that technology can be just as biased as socially organized human beings.


Keywords: gender, discrimination, algorithms, digitalization, human resources.