Nr. 1-2/2020 -6


The main theme of this work is the gender, studied in stand-up comedy shows. This paper is exploratory and aims to find the answers to three research questions: 1. How are gender stereotypes used in the stand-up comedy? 2. How do men and women artists differ? and 3. Are there significant differences between the shows broadcast on television and those published only on the Internet? To find out the answer, I used the qualitative content analysis method, because this method is best suited to my study, allowing me an in-depth analysis. I resorted to this method of analysis, as I consider relevant the way in which gender stereotypes are represented and used in the stand-up Romanian comedy. The conclusions of the research show that gender stereotypes are mainly used directly, but also indirectly through ironies or allusions. There are also counter-stereotypes. The results also showed that men and women doing stand-up comedy have different ways of approaching and producing humor, but also that the media and the Internet are two sources of content that offer different types of stand-up. comedy.

Keywords: Gender, gender stereotypes, sociology of humor.