Nr. 1-2/2019 -3


In the present paper it is taken into discussion a new perspective regarding an interdisciplinary perspective of the social sciences between a new field of research that of media pedagogy, situated at the border of communication sciences, sociology and educational sciences. The media pedagogy is analysed in a comparative manner that of media education and of media literacy. It is argued the proper use of media pedagogy that includes not only the aspects of literacy, but also those of applied use of media. In the context of cultural and social life, most of the research studies sustain that media pedagogy concept better explains and gives answers to the actual pressure of media consume impact in our everyday life. The article is tackling the interdisciplinary dimension of the field started from different studies and researches conducted in Romania that analysed young people media practices and uses. These researches revealed emergent themes that offered solid bases for the analytical and empirical foundation of the media pedagogy field.

Keywords: new technologies of information and communication, media pedagogy, media literacy, media consume, media and everyday life.

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