Nr. 1-2/2018 - 5

The present study analyses all cases of femicide committed among Romanian migrants between 2011 and 2015. The operational definition used for femicide was: ”killing a woman by her intimate partner (husband, ex-husband, cohabitant, lover).” The information about cases of femicide were obtained from Femicide in Romania (2011-2015) databasis. In order to highlingh the pecularities of the femicide cases committed between Romanian emigrants I included in the analysis also the information regarding the cases of homicide-suicide among Romanian emigrants. The data regarding femicide-suicide were obtained from Homicide-suicides in Romania (2002-2013) databases.The analysis of the data regarding femicide and femicide-suicide cases committed among Romanian emigrants stressed some common pecularities for the two sub-types of femicide (place of the murder, the time when the murder took place and murder’s motivation). On the other hand, the study highlighted some differences regarded to modus operandi, victims’profiles and the characteristics of offenders who committed femicide and femicide-suicide.

Keywords: femicide, femicide-suicide, Romanian immigrants, risk factors


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