Nr. 1-2/2018 - 3

Sexting, which is sending explicit sexual messages (text, video or photo) became, with the spread of the smartphone, a frequent practice, and not only among adults, but also among children (individuals, less than 18 years of age). While understanding the sexting as, on one hand, a communication practice within the couple and, on the other, as an online risk (by the fact that it's a practice diverted from the private space into the public space), the current study sets upon analyzing the diverted consensual sexting, among children and teenagers in Romania. The research questions are: 1. How widespread is this situation among children and teenagers in Romania, 2. What is the perception young people have on this situation (e.g., which are the consequences of it, in their opinion? Who is to blame?), 3. What's the role of friends in such a situation? In order to answer these, the study based on the data collected through Friends2.0 project, within which a survey was conducted, in Bucharest and Cluj; 1,600 young people, aged 10 to 18, answered.

Keywords: sexting, internet risks, personal data misuse, children and adolescents.



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