Nr. 1-2 /2017 - 3

The social history of the ethnic Hungarian sociology in Romania ought to be treated as the history of an organic sub-domain of the Romanian sociology, for the ethnic Hungarian sociology (in the interwar period) was developed under the thorough influence of Romanian sociology, mostly the Gusti School. Moreover, Hungarian social researchers and thinkers had an important role in the post-Stalinist rehabilitation of the Romanian sociology. This study presents the constitution and strengthening of the rehabilitation discourse of sociology in the Hungarian-language Korunk journal, relaunched in the Romanian city of Cluj in 1957. Ernő Gáll, the editor-in-chief of the Korunk and the editorial staff designated the relaunch of sociology as a primary objective of the journal. We proposed to study the 1957–1964 time spam through the discourse analysis of articles, studies and book reviews, whose production context is recreated by outlining certain social historical aspects.

                Keywords: social history, Romanian sociology, Korunk journal, discourse analysis, Communist regime.


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