Nr. 1-2 /2017 - 2

At the beginning of the year 1970 the establishment of the Academy for Social Sciences, subordinated to the CC of PCR, undoubtedly represented a symptom of the turn of the communist regime in Romania to a conservative line. This also obviously made manifest the party leader’s desire to reinstitute the ideological primate in the social sciences. It is equally true that such an interpretation does not describe the entire structural process which stood behind the event and neither does it cover all its nuances. The association of genuine scientists with political commissars (Romanian: politruci) infiltrated in the academic world, as well as the initial motivations of the decision, reveal the truth that the creation of this event has motivations which are more profound than those pertaining to a simple subordination of some scientific fields to the party line.

    Keywords: Ceauseșcu, ideology, Academy for Social and Political Sciences, propaganda.


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