Nr. 1-2 /2016 - 5

The Swedish Oasis Movement (Oasrörelsen), which considers itself to be part of the worldwide charismatic movement, was started in 1984. This work refers firstly to occurrences in the Oasis Movement and how it has changed until the present time. An insider perspective and empirical reality are thus essential. And secondly, this work refers to the argumentation or discourse (questions of the ideal) within the Oasis Movement concerning both innovations and retentions of specific points of view. The Oasis Movement is not a static organisation, but one in continuous change. Some new rituals have arisen suddenly and spontaneously, but their roots are firmly planted in biblical examples. There is an obvious continuity in this regard. If something new begins, it is willingly accepted as a sign of the guidance of the Holy Spirit. An obvious basic principle in the Oasis Movement is the idea of renewal on an historical foundation. This concerns transforming history for a new age: adhering to the basic fundamentals of the Bible (and of Luther) and bringing them into a new age. There is in this way an oscillation between continuity and change.

Keywords: Charismatic movement, continuity, individualization, liturgical independence, the Oasis Movement, transformation of religious rituals.


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