Martin Hauser

Academic Degrees: Dr.rer.pol. (Univ. Frankfurt), Dipl.-Vw. (MA)(Univ. Muenchen)

Place and Date of Birth: Bruenn, August 7, 1942

Citizenship: German

Education: Simmernschule (Elementary School), Muenchen,1948-1952; Altes Realgymnasium (Secondary School/High School), Muenchen 1952-1961, Baccalaureat; Universities of Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt/M.

Professional Experience:

1967-1968 - Market Research, Infratest Ostmarkt GmbH, Muenchen

1968         - External Researcher, Osteuropa-Institut Muenchen

1970-1987 - Senior Research Associate at the Osteuropa-Institut Muenchen

1973-1993 - Professional activity in the framework of Swiss Protestant Church

1976         - Doctoral exams at Neuchâtel University, CH

1986         - Doctoral degree with the thesis Le Christ et la Création dans l'Evangile selon saint Jean -

                - Etude œcuménique de l'exégèse contemporaine et de ses fondements dogmatiques

                - Apports protestants et orthodoxes (qualification: exceptional) at the Orthodox Theological Institute of University Level, Bucharest, RO

1970-1987 - Editor of the "Yearbook of East-European Economics

1987-2000 - Deputy Director, Southeast Institute Munich

1987-1989 - "Tenens locum" (part-time) of the Chair of "Konfessionskunde", Heidelberg University, D

1988         - Lecturer (named member of the teaching corps), Basle University, CH

1989-1994 - Researcher and invited professor, Fribourg University, CH

1994         - "Academic Prize Jean-Louis Leuba" for the monography Prophet und Bischof. Huldrych Zwinglis Amtsverständnis im Rahmen der Zürcher Reformation, at Fribourg University, CH

1994         - Associated Professor, University of Bucharest, RO

1995         -Full Professor, University of Bucharest (domains: theology, human sciences)

1999         - Chairholder UNESCO Chair on the Study of Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Exchanges, University of Bucharest, RO

2000         - Supervisor of doctoral theses

2001         - Professor of research, Fribourg University, CH

2001-207   - Head, Research Unit Western Balkans German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)       

2001          - Coordinator of the international UNITWIN/UNESCO Network of the Chairs on inter-religious dialogue for

intercultural understanding

2002           - Honorary member of the Institute of Philosophy within the Romanian Academy, Bucharest, RO

2002           - Director of the Department-UNESCO Chair on the Study of Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Exchanges, University of Bucharest, RO

2005-2006   - Member of the "Senior Review Group" for transforming the Stability Pact for SEE

2008 - 2013  - Quality accreditation of the 3 master programs of the Department UNESCO Chair (accreditation prepared by assistant Lilian Ciachir)

Teaching Appointments: - Munich College for Adult Education: Macro-Economics, 1972-1974;

                                   - German Air Force Officers' College: Economics of the   Socialist Countries and     Comparative Economic Systems,1973-1974;                                         

- Department of Economics, Boston University: Soviet Economics and Comparative Economic Systems, 1976;

- University of Bucharest: EU Enlargement and Intercultural Communication, 2005-

- Regular teaching appointments at

- European Academy, Berlin

- Academy for Political Education, Tutzing

- Protestant Academy, Tutzing

- European Academy for Life Research, Integration and Civil Society, Waidhausen

- Member or former member in numerous international or national commissions working for and about cultural, political and religious ties or interferences between the different parts of Europe.

-  Coordinator or member of international research projects.

-  Long lasting experience within Eastern Europe (since 1968).

- Conferences and lectures given or to be given at different places and at different Universities throughout Europe and beyond.

Contact: Home Address:   Beltweg 20, D-80805 Muenchen, Tel.: +49-89-3610.5686 Office Address:  Universitatea Bucuresti Adresa: Str.Sf. Ecaterina nr.4-6, Bucuresti Tel: +40 21 335 68 15/ +41 26 436 20 15